CULMAK Shaving accessories

The History of Culmak

Culmak has been making hand finished brushes since 1805.

At the end of the 18th Century the Culmer family of Highgate, London, were artistic painters and out of necessity, as artist brushes were not readily available at the time, they made their own brushes from animal bristle. Becoming skilled at this task, they were soon making brushes for friends and acquaintances and by 1805 had established a flourishing brush making business.

As the 19th Century progressed, shaving brushes were added to the range, swiftly becoming the main product sold in tens of thousands by the early 20th Century across the British Empire.

Continuing success saw the business moved to more suitable premises in Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1920 and then to Hertford in the 1960's when the company was sold to Addis.

Today Culmak Shaving Brush Ltd is an independent business based in Oakham continuing to make and sell a range of quality shaving products suitable for men and women of all ages.